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Shelby Garage is a one-stop shop for service, repair and modification of late model American muscle cars and trucks by trained Shelby technicians. 

Fast Facts:

  • Shelby Garage is officially licensed by Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc.
  • Shelby Garage will focus on all late-model American muscle cars and trucks, not just Mustangs.
  • One-stop shop for modification, maintenance, repairs, and installation of vehicles. 
  • Shelby Garage also features a full online retail store which sells parts, apparel and accessories.

DALLAS, TX (July 2021) – Classic Recreations, the iconic builder of high-performance custom vehicles, including Shelby continuation cars, has been selected by Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc to introduce a new concept, Shelby Garage. Shelby Garage is a one-stop shop for service, repair and modification of late-model American muscle cars and trucks. Distinguished from Shelby American in Las Vegas, which converts vehicles into officially licensed Shelbys that are included in the Shelby Worldwide Registry, Shelby Garage will meet the needs of a variety of late muscle car and truck enthusiasts who are looking for performance and appearance upgrades to their current vehicle.

“Carroll Shelby was the father of American muscle, so it only makes sense for the Shelby brand to evolve into providing service, performance and aesthetic upgrades for all American muscle vehicles,” said Jason Engel, Founder and VP of Design and Engineering at Classic Recreations. “When asked to develop this brand, the focus was filling a need for people who’ve had a hard time finding a shop that understands the unique needs of a high performance vehicle in contrast to the average driver. Just like Carroll did with the early Ford Mustangs, our goal is to help enthusiasts make their vehicles truly one of a kind.”

With trained technicians on hand who have years of experience working on officially licensed Shelby and other high performance vehicles, Shelby Garage is for enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable and knowledgeable specialty shop they can trust. Not coincidentally, the first Shelby Garage is located in Dallas, Texas, where Mr. Shelby got his start.  The facility is over 95,000 square feet with plans to expand with locations nationwide. 

Depending on the budget, customers can order officially licensed Shelby, Ford Performance and other aftermarket parts directly from Shelby Garage as well as schedule installation and service appointments out of the Dallas, Texas location. Additionally, Shelby Garage features a full online merchandise store with officially licensed Shelby apparel and accessories as well as exclusive gear from Classic Recreations. 

To learn more, to schedule service appointments, order parts and shop the merchandise store, visit 

Founded in 2021, Shelby Garage™ was established to be your one-stop shop for the service, repair and modification of your late- or current-model American muscle car and truck. With state-of-the-art Shelby Performance and aftermarket parts, installed by highly skilled technicians, Shelby Garage brings Carroll Shelby’s legacy of performance and innovation to you.