legacy matters

Carroll Shelby’s

legacy is based in rebellion and an unadulterated spirit and passion to win. Starting as a humble Texas chicken farmer who rose through the ranks to conquer Le Mans, he could have just stopped there, trading racing stories for free beers. But for Carroll, that was just the beginning.

"My ambition was never to be a world-champion racing driver...I always had an idea that I could build my own car." - Carroll Shelby

Shelby did just that, introducing countless cars, many of which he built from the ground up with his bare hands. He toiled over each, with some, like the one and only Cobra, becoming legends enshrined in history while other vehicles that failed to launch added to his experience on his road to greatness. Each of his cars reflected his passion, his visions, and his dreams made into reality.

Simply put, Mr. Shelby’s legacy is founded in pursuing a passion to win. That spirit lives on in the Shelby Garage™, the newest concept to emerge from the Shelby brand.  Just like Carroll did with the early Ford Mustangs, our goal is to help enthusiasts make their muscle cars truly unique. From service, performance modifications, parts and merchandise, the Shelby Garage is the ultimate blend of performance and history.